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President Bush said yesterday on the CBS "This Morning" TV show that he was disappointed the Supreme Court had not overturned its Roe v. Wade ruling guaranteeing the right to abortion.... European Community officials said yesterday a "radical" accord on reform of EC farm policy puts the ball squarely in the US court in GATT world trade talks. But US Treasury Secretary Nicholas Brady said the reform still has to be translated into more- significant reductions in tariffs and subsidies. EUROPE

Russia released the ruble into a "controlled float" yesterday and removed a safety net from ailing enterprises, a move critics said may herald a first wave of plant closures and unemployment.... Negotiators from 29 countries yesterday concluded talks in Vienna on military manpower ceilings in Europe and the former Soviet Union. The agreement will be formally signed during a summit of the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe opening on July 9.... French citizens will vote September 20 in a ref erendum on the Maastricht Treaty, the last hurdle to France's ratification of the accords on European union.... And Denmark will take over the rotating European Community presidency in January as planned, despite its rejection of the treaty on European union last month. ASIA AND THE PACIFIC

In China, parliament's top decisionmaking body agreed yesterday that the country should accept two international copyright conventions as part of a bid to enter the world trading community.... Bangladesh's main opposition party returned to parliament yesterday, ending a boycott of nearly two weeks.

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