Macedonian history

In the article "How All the Empires Finally Struck Out," June 18, the author states that "[Ottoman] Turkey lost control of Greece in 1829, Romania, Serbia, and Bulgaria in 1878, and Albania in 1912." But, he fails to mention Macedonia.

Macedonia also received its independence from Ottoman rule in 1878, but was returned to the Turks through the Treaty of Berlin. Two Balkan wars were fought over Macedonia: the first to gain its freedom from the Ottoman Empire, the second to divide it among the victors - Greece, Yugoslavia, and Bulgaria.

Our organization was founded in 1922, just nine years after this partitioning, by immigrants from all three parts of Macedonia. Today our members still have family connections in each of the three sections. Our concerns are for them.

With the rules of the European Community in a new Europe, existing borders will be maintained and have been guaranteed in the constitution of the Republic of Macedonia. Virginia Surso, Fort Wayne, Ind., Macedonian Patriotic Organization

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