PLO Official Killed in Sidon

IN the second assassination of a ranking Palestine Liberation Organization official this month, two gunmen killed the commander of the PLO's Fatah militia in Sidon on June 29.

No group claimed responsibility for the slaying of Col. Anwar Madi, but there have been several assassinations or attempts resulting from power struggles among south Lebanon's Palestinians in the last three years. Many of the attacks involved Fatah, the PLO's mainstream faction, and the breakaway group headed by Palestinian terrorist leader Abu Nidal. Police reported no arrests.

Madi's death came three weeks after Atef Bseiso, the PLO's acting security and intelligence chief, was killed by two gunmen while in Paris for consultations with French intelligence officials.

The PLO blamed Israel's Mossad secret service for Bseiso's assassination on June 8. Israel denied involvement, and French police said they also were investigating whether he was killed by Abu Nidal supporters.

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