The African National Congress yesterday demanded the resignation of South African President Frederik de Klerk, saying he had lost control of the police and failed to prevent massacres of blacks.

"He must go. He has proved himself to be incompetent and useless because he cannot control the security forces," ANC Secretary-General Cyril Ramaphosa told tens of thousands of mourners at a funeral for victims of a township massacre.

Mr. Ramaphosa said Mr. De Klerk admitted privately to ANC leader Nelson Mandela during a second session of interracial negotiations last month that he could not control the security forces.

"De Klerk said to Mr. Mandela `I have no power. I have no power over these policemen'," Ramaphosa told the funeral for 37 victims of a June 17 massacre in Boipatong.

The ANC pulled out of multiparty reform talks last week in protest at the Boipatong killing, which it said was carried out by members of the rival Inkatha Freedom Party backed by police.

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