A UN convoy carrying food and medical supplies arrived in Sarajevo yesterday after a night of shelling and machine-gun fire torched this city and the surrounding hills.

The UN supply convoy that reached Sarajevo today arrived only hours after Serb artillery and tanks pummeled the city. Fierce infantry battles were fought in and around the besieged western suburb of Dobrinja near the airport.

Defense officials also reported two children were killed and five people wounded today when Slavonski Brod, a Croat city on the Croatian-Bosnian border, was struck by two surface-to-surface missiles from Serb positions in Bosnia.

In Zagreb, the Croatian capital, officials of the UN peacekeeping force confirmed yesterday that Croatian army units fired 20 mortar rounds at the southern Serb-held city of Knin in Croatia late Monday.

The officials said it was the first such Croat attack on a UN-protected area.

UN peacekeepers are in Croatia to help cement a January truce that mostly ended six months of Serb-Croat warfare.

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