Solutions to Economic Woes in American Ideals

"Sustainable growth"

Regarding the editorial "The Noah Principle," May 21: The phrase "sustainable environmentalism" is worthy of the best administration spin doctors. True, the importance of balancing the needs of the environment with those of human beings (jobs, etc.) is self-evident. However, it is all too clear that the true culprit behind most of our planet's degradation and at least some of our employment woes is unrestrained and unsustainable growth.

An example is easily had in the Pacific Northwest where the short-term, profit-motivated forestry policies of many lumber companies have left mountain slopes barren and loggers out of work.

Economic growth and development are facts of life in this day and age, but we must turn our energies towards creating policies of sustainable growth. Only then will we truly strike a balance between the needs of the planet and the needs of humanity. John A. Hadden, Huntingtion, Vt.

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