HIWET MELASH GEBRESELASSIE and her husband fled the fighting in Eritrea five years ago and walked to Sudan. They have been in New York about 14 months. Unable to get jobs, they live on welfare and share an apartment in the Bronx:

"In my country, I have three small children. I have not seen my children or my family since five years ago. We walked by foot in the rainy season to Sudan. I had to leave my children with my mother. We could not walk during the day - only by night. People were fighting [in Eritrea]. After the fighting, the farms don't grow anything. The armies kill the people. Nothing is growing. First I learn English. Then I go and take a job. No problem. And I will get my children, but will they know me? When my husban d and I have good jobs, we will bring our children and take care of them. We cannot get them if we have no money. In America the government is helping the new people. In my country you have relationships with everybody. In America, I am going home and

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