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Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer will campaign for US Senate as a team, a top Democrat says. If they win, California will become the first state with two women in the US Senate.... The Agriculture Department's Extension Service announced Friday that it would establish education and assistance projects on 29 Indian reservations and tribal lands in 21 states.... Ross Perot met yesterday with a group of Democratic and independent mayors to discuss federal help for inner cities.... Rep. Charles Bennett (D)

of Florida has announced he will not seek a 23rd term. Mr. Bennett, the second most senior member of the House, becomes the 75th House member this year to retire, lose a primary, or seek higher office. He is the sixth from Florida.... Massachusetts Secretary of State Michael Connolly (D) announced that Sunday he was dropping out of the race for Congress. AFRICA

Rwanda's government and rebels signed an agreement yesterday to hold a full peace conference, probably in Africa, to try to end nearly two years of civil war in the central African nation, diplomatic sources said. MIDDLE EAST

In Lebanon, the main Christian political party, the Phalange, reelected George Saadeh as president for a third term yesterday in a major defeat for hard-liner Samir Geagea.... In Turkey, the two-party ruling coalition took nearly 60 percent of the votes in weekend local elections, state radio said yesterday. Prime Minister Suleyman Demirel's True Path Party won 173 of the mayoral seats. His party's partner in the seven-month-old coalition government, the Social Democrat Populist Party, took 70 seats.

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