`The Church as a Community'

The Monitor received a large number of letters in response to the April 16 editorial, written by the Monitor's editor, that discussed recent controversies concerning the Christian Science Church's media activities. Here is a representative sampling:

Regarding the editorial "The Church as a Community" in the April 16 edition, I marvel at how you have addressed the concerns of our [church] membership while reaching out to the community as a whole. As one who strongly endorses the need for publishing the Monitor in all media formats, I applaud your invitation to all members for deeper commitment to the publishing work which Mary Baker Eddy launched for all mankind. Our dedicated [Christian Science Board of] Directors should have our unconditional suppo rt as they carry out her mandate. John L. Chittleborough, Dallas

I read the editorial with interest. I congratulate you for explaining as far as you could the actions taken in the past which have led to the present difficulty. I don't feel, however, that the board has yet come clean and admitted their mistakes in making the drastic changes in the Monitor in order to spend more time and money on the cable channel, Monitor Radio, and World Monitor magazine. Frederick E. Bauer Jr., Mirror Lake, N.H.

Thank you for your open, intelligent, and honestly apprising editorial regarding the Monitor's future. "Tough little paper" it is, indeed, and we wish it continued success. Jacqueline Cohen, London

We have been most conscious over the past months of the fortitude and devotion of your staff that surely has been "writing its heart out on behalf of mankind." Thank you each and every one for the stirring editions you never fail to produce - for super coverage of the Middle East and China, plus marvelous graphics. Marilynn and Charles Darling, New York

The general membership is in fact not ready for the type of broadcasting the board wanted to promote. Thomas Gallant, Town & Country, Mo.

Be assured many more than 50 percent of the members of The Mother Church recognize that this has just been another attack on the Church Manual and the authority of the board of directors. It has happened before, and each time the outcome has been a strengthening of purpose and refining of the Monitor's place in the growth of mankind toward a better way of life. Joyce M. Hall, Warrenton, Ore.

Yes, "Monitor journalism is essential today," and it is sad to think of mankind's being deprived of the Monitor Channel. Had the churches and members fully supported, prayerfully and financially, this progressive step, it would have succeeded. Marjorie M. Knox, Buena Vista, Colo.

Thanks so much for your positive and thorough reporting. I even welcome your spiritual meditations - and I'm an old-line Lutheran. I hope you'll be able to continue informing and encouraging us for a long time! Pastor Paul Malte, Walnut Creek, Calif.

The closing of the Monitor Channel and cancellation of the World Monitor program leave a gap in my life. I am not a member of your church. I am, however, appreciative of the work of Mary Baker Eddy in bringing religion out of the Dark Ages and into the light of life and health.

The entire tone of the Monitor is so radically different from anything else in the English-speaking world. Always honest, always competent, the reporting of world events really helps me understand and appreciate the events that shape our lives. No one does it better than the Monitor. Jeffrey Needle, Chula Vista, Calif.

In the midst of all your financial troubles, I want to say how much I have appreciated the Monitor over the last 20 years. I am not a Christian Scientist, but your excellent newspaper is a good advertisement. Please keep it going. Richard Wilson, Newton Centre, Mass.

In East Germany we were trained in reading between the lines of our newspapers. Your editorial gives hope and confidence to me that now the real vision of church activities will win, along with honesty and, as you wrote, "service to mankind." Inge Wobke, Berlin, Germany

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