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COUSIN BOBBY - Perhaps to prove that "The Silence of the Lambs" doesn't represent the deepest side of his personality, filmmaker Jonathan Demme has followed it with this portrait of his cousin, a clergyman who's also a social activist in one of New York City's most deprived areas. Billed as a "feel-good documentary," the movie has many warm feelings and constructive attitudes. Still, it seems quite simplistic much of the time, and would be more persuasive if it probed more deeply into the complexities of its hero and hi s mission. (Not rated) PATRIOT GAMES - Jack Ryan, fresh from "The Hunt for Red October," has decided to live a quiet family life for a change. But a deadly plot by Irish extremists blows up in his face, and soon he's back in the CIA and the world of international intrigue. Harrison Ford gives a smart and moving performance as Ryan, but the movie doesn't live up to his intelligence, failing to find a convincing substitute for the cold-war heroics that gave "Red October" its reason for being. The film's best quality is a sense of quiet sadness a bout the adventure's personal toll on its hero. Phillip Noyce directed. (Rated R) THE RESTLESS CONSCIENCE - This earnestly made documentary focuses on a subject that has received too little attention in Holocaust films to date: resistance to Nazism within Germany, including attempts to assassinate Hitler himself. Kohav Beller directed. (Not rated)

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