It is necessary for the present generation not only to bring itself below the earth's limits but to restructure its inner and outer worlds. That process will touch every arena of life. It will require every kind of human talent....

The necessity to take the industrial world of growth to its next stage of evolution is not a disaster, it is an opportunity. How to seize the opportunity, how to bring into being a sustainable world that is not only functional but desirable is a question about leadership and ethics and vision and courage. Those are properties not of technologies, markets, government, corporations, or computer models but of the human heart and soul.

- From `Beyond the Limits' POPULATION CONTROL

Industrial revolution is the ultimate population-control measure. It has been accompanied so invariably by the slowing and then halting of the growth of the population engaged that there can be no doubt about this prescription. Industrial revolution has to be recognized also, therefore, as the ultimate environmental-protection measure. Hazards to the environment laid by industrial technology, it has been shown, are subject to cure by technology. Concern for the environment is now compelling redistributio n of the incentives and reform of the institutions that put technology to work in the industrial countries. The same concern must now be turned to accelerating industrial revolution in the preindustrial countries.

- From `Only One World'

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