Analyzing the Welfare System

The authors introduce some valid points in their Opinion page article "The Myth that Welfare Policies Don't Work," May 21. They are correct in their assessment that welfare policies are "cushioning poverty" and that the public needs to be reeducated, but the reasoning and conclusions are misguided.

For a proper analysis of America's welfare system one should consult Charles Murray's book "Losing Ground." This text properly utilizes the available welfare statistics by addressing the strengths and weaknesses of the system.

Mr. Murray has found unimpeachable proof that the massive shifting of funds to the welfare state has increased, not decreased, the ranks of the poor. The current system is only "cushioning" these government-made welfare junkies, not helping them to escape poverty. President Bush's push to increase moral responsibility plays an important part in getting these people to give themselves a chance. Dale Lehmann, Alexandria, Va.

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