Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf, Commander of Allied forces in the Persian Gulf war, has signed a long-term agreement with CBS News to host a series of news documentaries and specials.

The announcement was made at the 38th Annual General Conference of CBS Television Network Affiliates on May 29 by the president of CBS News, Eric Ober.

Mr. Ober said the agreement provides for General Schwarzkopf to be involved in a series of historical programs, such as CBS News' current World War II specials that began with "Remember Pearl Harbor" and continues with "The Year of the Generals," to be broadcast in the United States on Thursday, June 4 on the CBS network.

Future CBS News broadcasts involving Schwarzkopf are expected to focus on contemporary issues, as well as the landmark stories of World War II.

"H. Norman Schwarzkopf is a great communicator, as we all learned during the Persian Gulf war," Ober said. "But as we have worked with him at CBS News, we have discovered that he is also a brilliant historian and student of our country and its people. We hope to bring his insights on leadership and his understanding of people to a broad range of subjects, both historical and current."

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