Orchestra history

Regarding the Arts page article "Cleveland Orchestra Boasts Matchless Sound," May 18: To truly touch the prestigious world-class highpoints in the orchestra's history, the author should have gone back further than George Szell and given proper credit to Artur Rodzinski, one of America's great orchestra builders.

In the New Grove Dictionary of Music, Michael Steinberg's biographical entry says that Maestro Rodinski "was the most exciting of the younger conductors in the USA in the 1930s." Mr. Steinberg points out that in 1933 Rodinski became conductor of the Cleveland Orchestra "which then began its history as a front-rank virtuoso ensemble."

In drawing attention to the orchestra's upcoming 75th birthday, the author should have included the recognition appropriate for such an outstanding person. Annagreta Swanson, Peterborough, N.H.

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