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Results of elections in northern Iraq could be delayed several more days and Kurds in some areas might have to vote again, Kurdish poll officials said yesterday, because of electoral confusion.... Israeli aircraft raided a guerrilla base in the Syrian-policed Bekaa Valley in eastern Lebanon yesterday, security sources said. Six Israeli planes fired rockets at targets near the village of Janta, three miles west of the Syrian-Lebanese border.... The International Committee of the Red Cross accused Israel y esterday of continuing to mistreat Palestinian detainees and urged the government to improve detention and interrogation conditions. UNITED STATES

The House of Representatives Wednesday approved legislation to limit public hearings on the licensing of commercial nuclear power plants. A new plant would be approved by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Senate approved similar legislation in February, supported by President Bush.... The US Department of Housing and Urban Development announced Wednesday it would assume responsibility for the management of Philadelphia's troubled Public Housing Agency, appointing Elton Jolly, a communtiy activist, as " special master." This makes it the largest municipal housing agency to be taken over by federal authorities.... Coal miner Roger Keith Coleman was executed in Virginia shortly after 11:30 p.m. Wednesday, minutes after the US Supreme Court rejected his final appeal. He was put to death for the 1981 rape and murder of his sister-in-law.... One of two buses carrying the California Angels baseball team overturned on the New Jersey Turnpike early yesterday morning, injuring manager Buck Rodgers and 11 other peop le, authorities said.

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