Jerry Brown's faltering presidential campaign received a small boost Sunday when he edged out probable Democratic nominee Bill Clinton in the selection of Maine's delegates to the national convention.

Maine Democrats, meeting at their state convention, elected nine delegates for the former California governor and six for Arkansas Governor Clinton.

Former Sen. Paul Tsongas of nearby Massachusetts received five delegates and three delegates were elected as uncommitted.

In addition, eight delegates of the 31-member slate were elected to represent the state party's leadership, which is not yet pledged to any presidential candidate.

Mr. Brown's victory was expected after he beat Tsongas and Clinton when representatives to the state convention were selected in February presidential caucuses.

Tsongas ended active campaigning after the Maine caucuses but was allowed to win support at the state convention because of his decision to "suspend" rather than terminate his candidacy.

Brown may become the last Democrat to win a presidential caucus in Maine. The state convention gave tentative approval to a plan to replace the caucuses with a primary in the 1996 election.

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