Bush's response to the riots

In the front page article "Bush Wins Points for Speech on L.A. Riots," May 4, the author's perspective seems to be as out of touch with the public sentiment as the jurors in the Rodney King beating case.

There are many of us who see the government's policies as having a greater part in inciting the riots, than in quelling them. President George Bush seems very hypocritical: While advocating stronger "law and order" for the poor and economically disadvantaged, he insists on a "moratorium on regulation" for the rich and powerful.

After helping to facilitate the looting of the savings and loan industry, Mr. Bush has the gall to blame the poor for destroying the moral fabric of America. Bush and our government seem to be serving an ever shrinking percentage of our population (the richest) at the expense of the rest of us. Walter Czech, Denver

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