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ADAM'S RIB - Not the Hollywood classic with the same title, but a new Russian comedy-drama about women of three generations, from a teenager to a grandmother, living their very different lives in one small apartment. The modest but often touching and superbly acted production was directed by Vlatcheslav Krishtofovich. (Not rated) BROADWAY BILL - This boisterous comedy from 1934, a rarity until its reissue in a reconstructed version, shows Frank Capra at his surprisingly skeptical and ironic best. Columbia was the studio, and although the editing and other technical values are klutzy at times, the picture is a real treat overall. Warner Baxter and Myrna Loy head the cast as a business executive who would rather race his beloved horse than go to meetings, and the daughter of his fussy old boss. (Not rated) EDWARD II - The classic drama by Christopher Marlowe, about a 14th-century king who lets affection interfere with duty, loses much of its impact in Derek Jarman's vaguely avant-garde adaptation, which emphasizes the play's homoerotic undercurrents to no particular purpose. (Rated R) MY COUSIN VINNY - He's a tough-talking lawyer from New York City, and he couldn't be more ill-suited to the job at hand: defending his young cousin against a mistaken murder charge in a small Southern town. Joe Pesci has more energy than charm in the title role, but the supporting cast has some terrific moments, and the comedy supplies a fair number of laughs before running completely out of steam. (Rated R)

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