STUBB'S BARBECUE TIPS * Make sure the barbecue pit is clean, large enough to hold all the meat, maintains temperature, and won't catch fire. Keep baking soda on hand to sprinkle in the pit if it flares up. * Never start a fire with meat already in the pit. * Heat the pit to 175-250 degrees F. * Always cook meat with the fat side up. * Never use a marinade containing syrup or sugar. It will crystallize and turn black. * "Remember, you have to love what you're doing," says Stubb. "You have to have feelings for what you're doing."

Stubblefield uses briskets ranging from eight to 13 pounds in size for home cooking. He rubs them with salt and pepper, then bastes with vinegar after the meat has cooked for half an hour. Total cooking time is six to 10 hours.

DRY MIX FOR BEEF Travis and Carol Eckert, authors of "Real Texas Bar-B-Q: A Beginner's Guide," (Austin, Texas: SPORT-TECK, 1987), recommend the following seasoning for barbecue: Rub a generous amount into the meat before cooking. 5 parts salt 1 1/2 parts red pepper (cayenne) 2 parts black pepper 1/2 part garlic salt 1 part paprika 1 part allspice

Make any amount you like, and keep it in a shaker with waxed paper under the lid to keep it dry when not using.

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