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ALL THE VERMEERS IN NEW YORK - Love of art, love of money, and just plain love are the main ingredients of this offbeat romance about a Manhattan stockbroker infatuated with a French actress he's met at his favorite museum. Conceived and directed by Jon Jost, a longtime independent filmmaker of impressive skill and conviction. He has never made a friendlier or more accessible movie, although a disappointing finale diminishes its impact. (Not rated) COLD MOON - Stories by the hard-boiled American writer Charles Bukowski inspired this French drama about two men whose total lack of maturity leads them into an adventure that mingles romance and horror. Directed by and starring newcomer Patrick Bouchitey, who seems more interested in showing off than in making a meaningful statement. (Not rated) THE PUERTO RICAN MAMBO - As the subtitle says, this is "Not a Musical," and it also doesn't have much of a plot. Instead it alternates comedy scenes with commentary by the Puerto Rican hero, who can't understand why his ethnic group seems stuck at the bottom of the sociological ladder. Some episodes are silly and repetitive. But many of the film's observations are biting, poignant, and hilarious, and Luis Caballero's performance is as fresh and inviting as a spunky salsa tune. Ben Model directed from Caball ero's screenplay.

(Not rated)

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