How to Build a Monster Serpent Kite

What you'll need: One Christian Science Monitor newspaper. (Use only discarded newspapers.) Two 1/8-inch dowels, one 22 inches long, one 14 inches long Glue Tape (1-inch wide masking tape is best) Scissors Ruler Pencil String

1. Use a full 14-inch by 22-inch sheet of newspaper for your kite's head. The center spread is the easiest sheet to remove, but any of the sheets will do. Fold the sheet lengthwise down the middle (a). 2. Measure 5 inches down from the top of the long unfolded edge. Draw a diagonal line from that point to the top folded corner (b). Measure 12 inches up from the bottom of the unfolded side. Draw a diagonal line from that point to the bottom edge 3 inches from the middle fold (c). Cut along the dotted lines (d). Open. Your kite should look like this (e): 3. Lay your 22-inch dowel down the long middle fold of the kite to make a spine. Tape it in place from top to bottom with wide masking tape. Then place the 14-inch dowel across the width of the kite, 8 inches down from the top. This is called a spar. Tape in place. 4. Tape all around the outer edge of the kite. Turn kite over. This is your kite's front. 5. With a sharp pencil poke two small holes close to either side of the spine 1 inch from the top. These are bridle holes. Poke two more bridle holes close to each side of the spine 13 inches from the top. 6. Cut a 50-inch string for your bridle. Knot one end through the top bridle holes (around the spine) and one end through the bottom bridle holes, so that your bridle hangs down the front of the kite. 7. Fold three full sheets of newspaper in half lengthwise and cut along the fold line. Glue the pieces together end to end to make the tail. Glue tail to kite. (Note: You'll need a shorter tail in light winds and a longer tail in strong winds.) Paints, markers, or crayons can be used to give your serpent a face and scales, or any other decoration it needs. Your kite will look like this: 8. When you're ready to fly your kite, hold it by its bridle facing the wind. Move your fingers up and down the bridle until the wind lifts the kite to a good flying angle. Tie a knot with a loop in it at that point. Tie the end of your flying line (a long string wound neatly on a spool or stick) through the loop. Now you can take to the skies.

Happy kiting!

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