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Arab League justice ministers called yesterday for a peaceful solution to Libya's dispute with the West over Libya's alleged involvement in airliner bombings and said Tripoli's efforts to solve the crisis were in line with international law.... Palestinians sought by the Israeli Army for attacking suspected informers and Jews in the occupied West Bank said in a leaflet they would rather die than surrender. AFRICA

Anglican Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the African National Congress, the Inkatha Freedom Party, and the radical Pan Africanist Congress have agreed on new measures to try to quell continuing killings in South Africa.... A plan to pull African countries out of poverty has been presented to 51 African economy ministers meeting in Addis Ababa. The plan, put forward by the new executive secretary of the Economic Commission for Africa, Issa Diallo, calls on the nations to work closely with international financial

organizations.... President Miguel Trovoada of Sao Tome and Principe has dismissed the government of Prime Minister Danie Daio, the Portuguese news agency Lusa reported yesterday.... US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Herman Cohen, yesterday openly deplored the failure of the Mozambique National Resistance movement to help in famine relief. UNITED STATES

Orders to factories for durable goods rose 1.6 percent in March, the Commerce Department said yesterday.... New claims for state unemployment insurance benefits fell 12,000 in the week ending April 11. The number of persons receiving unemployment benefits as a percentage of those covered remained 3.2 percent.

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