Give Hillary Clinton a Chance

I object to the title, tone, and content of your editorial about Hillary Clinton, "Hillary Pilloried," April 13. You seem to imply that because she is "smart, outspoken and ambitious," there is something wrong with her. Hillary Clinton's ambition has been unselfish. A distinguished and recognized scholar, she has embarked on a legal career which has done a great deal for children. Furthermore, the mettle of her character has been proven.

Your editorial tries to hide this light under a bushel simply because we have never had such a phenomenon in the White House before. We would have two highly qualified individuals there for the price of one. It may be that Hillary Clinton will have to break the mold and establish a new path for presidential wives. I only hope she gets a chance to do it. Sallie Kantor Key, Upper Montclair, N.J.

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