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CITY OF JOY - Disillusioned by the uncertainties of his profession, a young American doctor (Patrick Swayze) flees to Calcutta, where he becomes reluctantly involved with an underfunded, understaffed public-health clinic serving a desperately needy clientele. Roland Joffs drama has good intentions and a constructive attitude, and there's a mildly involving subplot about a poor Indian man's attempt to support his family by entering the rickshaw business. But in the end, the movie shows little genuine interest in Indian pr oblems beyond their usefulness as a poignant backdrop for brave deeds by the handsome American hero. (Rated PG-13) STEAL AMERICA - Three young Europeans migrate to San Francisco, drift into third-rate jobs and second-rate relationships, and make a misbegotten bid for excitement by heading toward New Orleans in a stolen car. Part road movie and part existential adventure, this modestly produced comedy-drama is small in its achievements but marks a promising debut for English filmmaker Lucy Phillips. (Not rated)

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