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UN Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali told the French newspaper Le Figaro that force is not ruled out in the conflict with Libya over extraditing to the US or Britain two suspected terrorists.... Israel accused Iran April 7 of ordering the guerrilla attack in south Lebanon in which two Israelis soldiers were killed and five wounded.... Army commander in chief Gen. Suchinda Kraprayoon, mastermind of last year's military coup in Thailand, was appointed prime minister April 7 following parliamentary el ections March 22 won by a coalition of pro-military parties. EUROPE

As Yugoslav Air Force jets attacked Bosnia-Herzegovina April 7, Serb leaders proclaimed the independence of a Serb republic there and said they were ready to form a union with other parts of Yugoslavia. The action came a day after the European Community recognized Bosnia as an independent state. The US recognized the independence of Croatia, Slovenia, and Bosnia.... In the wake of right-wing election gains, Germany's Social Democrats urged Chancellor Helmut Kohl April 7 to set up large camps to house imm igrants and to speed up asylum procedures.... The ruling four-party coalition of Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti clung to a slender majority of 15 seats in Italy's 630-seat lower house of parliament, final election results showed. UNITED STATES

Up to 5,000 University of Michigan students, angered by their team's defeat by Duke University in the NCAA basketball championships, on April 6 threw rocks and bottles at police, who finally used tear gas to put down the disturbance.

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