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An angry mob ransacked the Venezuelan Embassy in Tripoli yesterday, and crowds demonstrated outside missions of other countries that voted for UN sanctions on Libya. Foreigners wanting to leave Libya will probably be allowed to travel overland if air links are cut, a Libyan diplomat said. ASIA AND THE PACIFIC

Burma has bought at least 15 Yugoslav-built attack jets equipped with Rolls-Royce engines in apparent violation of a licensing agreement with the British manufacturer, intelligence sources in Thailand said yesterday.... The Economist publishing group of Britain and Japan's Diamond Inc. agreed yesterday to jointly publish a Japanese-language business magazine in Tokyo.... The UN command in Cambodia sent 194 Indonesian peacekeepers yesterday to the central province of Kompong Thom, where government troops and Khmer Rouge guerrillas have been locked in combat.... North Korea's official press has described the son and designated heir of aging ruler Kim Il Sung as "head of our party, the state and the army," reviving speculation that a power transfer is imminent. UNITED STATES

The State Department Wednesday issued a report accusing a "major recipient" of US arms and technology, apparently Israel, of persistently and illegally re-exporting such weapons to other countries. The report did not name the guilty country despite a barrage of leaks from officials last month who identified Israel as the exporter. Israel has denied all allegations in the leaks.... The space shuttle Atlantis landed in Florida yesterday at the end of a nine-day mission.

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