New York state residents dislike Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton almost as much as they unfavorably rate President Bush and non-presidential candidate Mario Cuomo, a new poll said Sunday.

Two out of three New York state residents surveyed March 25 and 26 by local television station WABC in fact are not satisfied with any of the current presidential candidates and would like someone else to run.

That someone else is not their governor, according to the poll of 736 New Yorkers. A majority said that they would not vote for Cuomo if he runs again for governor, let alone president.

Only dropout candidate Paul Tsongas emerged with a clearly favorable rating. The former Massachusetts senator won a favorable rating from 62 percent of New Yorkers.

Clinton's biggest problem among those polled is that 57 percent of New Yorkers are not satisfied that he has the honesty and integrity to serve effectively as president.

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