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Democratic Party chairman Ronald Brown said in an interview that former California Gov. Edmund "Jerry" Brown Jr. is running a "scorched earth" campaign against Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton that could damage both candidates and the Democratic Party.... Turkey recalled its ambassador from Bonn yesterday after Germany announced it was halting arms shipments to NATO partner Turkey until it could establish whether Turkish forces had used German weapons against Kurds.... Azerbaijan said it has has agreed to Nago rno-Karabakh's taking part in the forthcoming Minsk peace conference on the Armenian-Azeri war.... German Economics Minister Juergen Moellemann called yesterday for Western aid to help former Soviet states make their nuclear reactors safe, and Estonia called for the closure of the Russian nuclear plant that leaked radioactive gases Tuesday. ASIA AND THE PACIFIC

India said yesterday will give Bangladesh a permanent lease on a narrow corridor of territory to link the nation with two of its enclaves surrounded by India, solving a major problem that has plagued relations between the countries for 11 years.... South Korea's ruling Democratic Liberal Party lured an independent legislator into its fold yesterday to regain - by just one seat - the majority it had lost in a general election earlier this week.... The Marcos family will bring home and bury the remains of former President Ferdinand Marcos three weeks before the May 11 elections. Former first lady Imelda Marcos is a candidate for president.... Pressure grew yesterday for Thailand's prime minister-designate, Narong Wongwan, to stand aside after Washington confirmed he was once denied a US visa because of drug allegations. (See story, Page 8.)

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