The Tsongas Cartoon

I assume that cartoonist Jeff Danziger meant it to be humorous, but the cartoon "The Tsongas Pronunciation Guide (a random tsample)," March 5, strikes me as insensitive. Score one black mark for my favorite cartoonist. A. E. Peters, Albion, Mich.

It is unconscionable to caricature the candidate on a physical idiosyncrasy. Mr. Danziger had better address the issues. David Bowman, Williamstown, Mass.

I have long been a fan of Danziger's political cartoons, and, I might add, a defender of some of them to others who have at times thought them inappropriate. But I must protest this cartoon. A cartoon that plays upon prejudices and appears to have no purpose other than to ridicule an individual is unworthy of your publication. Cynthia R. Love, Princeton, N.J.

I saw no redeeming value in Danziger's comments on Paul Tsongas. None of our candidates are unflawed. However, I would prefer that your paper call attention to political, economic, and moral problems, not a physical incapacity. William M. Brewer, Kodiak, Alaska

Danziger's cruel jape about the Mr. Tsongas speech impediment demeaned the cartoonist's high standard. I am not a Tsongas supporter, but you might convert me. Ellis Waldron, Madison, Wis.

I rarely see anything constructive in Danziger's cartoons, but this one hits a new low. Ursula B. Keller, Rockville, Md.

Editors' note: The cartoon's parody of the double consonants in Mr. Tson-gas's name picked up on the Tsongas campaign's use of the slogan, "Tsouth for the Tsongas." On our inquiry, a campaign spokesman assured the Monitor that no offense had been taken and that the campaign was issuing T-shirts and buttons reading "Tcitizens for Tsongas." To the best of our knowledge, Mr. Tsongas does not have a speech impediment, only a pronounced New England accent and a highly individual manner of speaking. Nonetheles s, given the response, our cartoonist's aim might have been better.

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