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The US Supreme Court on March 9 let stand a ruling in Illinois that police cannot impound a home or other dwelling and remove its occupants while waiting for a judge to issue a search warrant.... The court also refused to decide if excluding someone from serving on a jury because of gender violates the Constitution. Thus it did not extend its ban on eliminating potential jury members based on race. EUROPE

Western Germany's inflation rate jumped to 4.3 percent in February as concern grew that wage talks there could set off a major price spiral.... Former Soviet Foreign Minister Eduard Shevardnadze may make a political comeback as the head of a planned state council in his native Georgia, papers in Tbilisi reported.... Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg, who saved many Hungarian Jews during World War II, died in a Soviet prison during interrogation in 1947, said Yevgeny Pietovarov, deputy to KGB chief Viktor

Abakumov in the late 1940s, in an interview with the TV 3 satellite channel.... Businessmen in the former Soviet Union have offered a Norwegian firm heavy water, which can be used to make atomic bombs, the Foreign Ministry said March 9. ENVIRONMENT AND SCIENCE

Under pressure from the US, Japan, and Canada, Sweden on March 10 abandoned its call for a ban on commercial trade in Western Atlantic bluefin tuna. Conservation groups attending the meeting in Kyoto, Japan, of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species immediately protested the action. At the same meeting, five southern African nations abandoned their bid to resume trade in elephant products.

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