Dealing With Violence

The editorial "Save the Children (and the Adults)," Feb. 10, discusses the phenomenon of violence among youth that is plaguing society. The column "Restraining Hearts Too Full of Violence," Feb. 18, is about the problem of inadequate restraining orders against violent men.

At the root of these problems is the model for behavior set by our own government. I recall the prime-time news broadcast during the Persian Gulf war that showed young American soldiers ruthlessly gunning down Iraqi soldiers who were trapped inside a bunker in the desert. Those same young men were then shown receiving medals for bravery at ceremonies in Washington, D.C.

As long as our leaders insist that war is preferable to diplomacy, and that national and world affairs must be a competitive business, then we can expect our citizens to learn the lesson that the best solutions are violent ones. Ellen Katwinkel Wilson, Los Gatos, Calif.

It was with great appreciation that we read the column "Restraining Hearts Too Full of Violence." The author deals with the critical issue of violence against women with strength and directness. We agree that such violence will stop only when we hold all of society accountable, not merely the criminal who commits the violence. Steven & Cynthia Charnley, Newaygo, Mich. Kathy Misak, Janet Olson, Trina Hance, Melinda Castle, Marcia Pinder

Regarding the editorial "Save the Children (and the Adults)": While I agree with the author's views toward the senseless violence in our society, it seems to me that gun control alone will not get the job done. The people who would obey this law are not the people causing the problem. If all of this country's guns would disappear overnight, we would still have a problem.

In the long run, we would be better off if we could focus all our ire on a school system that, in many cases, refuses to teach moral values. Leif Erickson, Aliceville, Ala.

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