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THE MAMBO KINGS - Two brothers emigrate from Cuba to New York in the early 1950s, determined to set the nightclub scene on fire with their pulsing Latin rhythms. But obstacles stand in their path, including subtle rivalries that underlie the artistic and family bonds between the men. Although the story is awfully corny, the movie is full of bright colors, throbbing tunes, and overheated passions. It's guaranteed to entertain, if not to enlighten. Directed by newcomer Arne Glimcher. (Rated R) LOVE CRIMES - Tracking down a sexual predator who preys on women's fantasies and insecurities, a female district attorney becomes enmeshed in the same web herself. Lizzie Borden's melodrama is awkwardly constructed, but it makes a commendably ambitious attempt to cut through simplistic perceptions of gender politics, turning what seem like black-and-white issues into disturbing shades of gray. (Rated R) MEMOIRS OF AN INVISIBLE MAN - After a high-tech accident turns him invisible, Chevy Chase spends the rest of the movie romancing Daryl Hannah and fleeing an evil CIA agent who wants to exploit him. John Carpenter's fantasy is too lethargic to work as a thriller, too frantic to succeed as a romantic comedy. Stick with Claude Rains in "The Invisible Man," directed by James Whale in 1933, a classic that hasn't been improved on yet. (Rated PG-13)

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