Candidates on Issues. Bob Kerrey

Snapshots of where the top five Democratic and top two Republican US presidential contenders say they stand


Birthplace: Lincoln, Neb.

Family: Divorced, two children.

Education: Pharmacy degree, University of Nebraska.

Military Service: US Navy SEAL, served in Vietnam, 1966

Public Career: Governor of Nebraska, 1982-86; US Senator, 1988 to present. ECONOMY/TAXES

Advocates cutting Cabinet seats and congressional committees and reducing non-entitlement spending by 25 percent over 10 years. Would invest in health care, education, technology, and communications. Calls for middle-class tax cut, paid for by taxes on top 1 percent. HEALTH CARE

Proposes national health care, with stringent cost containment and universal accountability. Would allow people to continue to choose their own doctors, hospitals, and health plans. Advocates separate health-care coverage from employer. ABORTION

Pro-choice. Supports codifying Roe v. Wade into federal law. Opposes ban on abortion counseling at federally funded family planning clinics. DEFENSE

Would restructure military services and cut defense spending over 10 years by up to 40 percent. Would reduce troop levels in Europe, and eliminate the SDI and the B-2 bomber. ENERGY

Supports business incentives for increasing the use of renewable resources. ENVIRONMENT

Would link environmental policies with competitiveness strategy by encouraging use of renewables. Would make more money available for hazardous- waste cleanup. Promotes environmentally safe agriculture. CRIME

Supports death penalty in certain cases, such as drug crimes. Backs waiting period on handgun sales. Supports stiff penalties for violent crimes and violence against women. EDUCATION

Advocates $1 billion partnership fund with school districts, cities, states, and businesses. Supports more funding for Head Start; higher teacher compensation; and federal aid for college and vocational education.

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