Candidates on Issues. Tom Harkin

Snapshots of where the top five Democratic and top two Republican US presidential contenders say they stand


Birthplace: Cumming, Iowa.

Family: Married, two children.

Education: BA, Iowa State University; JD, Catholic University.

Public Career: US Navy pilot, 1962-67; US Representative, 1974-84; US Senator, 1985- present. ECONOMY/TAXES

Advocates investment in public-works projects to create jobs and rebuild the nation's infrastructure. Opposes capital-gains tax cut. HEALTH CARE

Advocates national health-care system without higher taxes. Specific proposal not available. ABORTION

Pro-choice. DEFENSE

Would cut defense spending by 50 percent over 10 years. Supports large troop reductions in Europe and cuts in US-based troop levels in favor of greater reliance on National Guard and reserves. ENERGY

Opposes drilling in the ANWR. Opposes nuclear power. Supports increased use of natural gas. ENVIRONMENT

Supports re-authorization of the Endangered Species Act and advocates protection of biodiversity. Would cut carbon monoxide emissions from all US sources by a fifth over the next 15 years. CRIME

Opposes death penalty. Supports waiting period for handgun purchases and banning of semi-automatic weapons. EDUCATION

Advocates new version of old GI bill, where students could attend college free in return for national or military service.

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