Candidates on Issues. Bill Clinton

Snapshots of where the top five Democratic and top two Republican US presidential contenders say they stand


Birthplace: Hope, Ark.

Family: Married, one daughter.

Education: Georgetown University; Yale Law School; Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University, England.

Public Career: governor of Arkansas, 1978-1980, 1982 to present. ECONOMY/TAXES

Supports a 10 percent tax cut for the middle class. Supports tax incentives for business investment. Supports a highway/transportation construction plan that he says would create 40,000 to 45,000 new jobs. HEALTH CARE

Favors health insurance for all Americans through strict cost controls. Supports system where employers provide health care for workers or pay into a government fund that will provide it. ABORTION

Pro-choice. Supports Roe v. Wade. Opposes ban on abortion counseling in federally financed family planning clinics. DEFENSE

Would cut $100 billion out of military budget over the next five years. Suggests canceling B-2 bomber and SDI program. ENERGY

Supports tax incentives to encourage renewable energy resources. Does not support nuclear energy. Advocates greater reliance on natural gas as a transition to renewable and alternative energy sources. ENVIRONMENT

Favors wetlands protection. Supports user fees in national forests, with revenues earmarked for resource management and local economic development. Supports expansion of ANWR to include 1.5 million-acre Arctic Coastal plain. CRIME

Supports the death penalty. Supports ban on semi-automatic weapons and waiting periods for handgun purchases. EDUCATION

Calls for trust fund from which college loans can be drawn, to be paid back as a percentage of income or through national service. Supports Head Start. Supports national examination system in math and science.

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