Candidates on Issues. Jerry Brown

Snapshots of where the top five Democratic and top two Republican US presidential contenders say they stand


Birthplace: San Francisco

Education: Jesuits' Sacred Heart Novitiate, 1956-60; BA, UC Berkeley; JD, Yale.

Public Career: California secretary of state, 1971-75; governor of California, 1975-82; chairman, California Democratic Party, 1989. ECONOMY/TAXES

Advocates elimination of payroll and excise taxes in favor of one flat tax of 13 percent or 14 percent on personal income and a similar valued-added levy on business. Would allow only three deductions: rent, mortgage payments, and charitable contributions. HELATH CARE

Proposes four-point health-care plan for all Americans. Would establish prevention and health programs that would do away with unnecessary operations and drug prescriptions, and permit choice of healing practices. ABORTION

Pro-choice. DEFENSE

Proposes defense cuts by 50 percent or more. Supports reducing troop levels in Europe. Wants to reduce the portion of GNP allocated for defense to levels dedicated in Germany and Japan. ENERGY

Advocates mandatory energy-efficiency standards for buildings and appliances; tax credits for use of solar energy; increased mass transit; appropriations for energy-conservation projects in schools and hospitals. ENVIRONMENT

Opposes offshore drilling and drilling in ANWR. Opposes pesticide use and toxic-waste proliferation. Advocates banning CFCs. Wants

to incorporate environmental concerns into our foreign policy. CRIME

Opposes the death penalty. Supports the policy, "Use a gun - go to prison." Would be tough on repeat offenders and violent crimes. Backs waiting period for handgun sales. EDUCATION

Calls for increased and equal funding for all schools. Supports more funding for Head Start. Would commit funds to develop technology for the classroom. Wants a computer on every desk for every child.

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