Bringing stability to Russia

Regarding the Opinion page article "Russia's Turning Point," Jan. 28: With respect to Western policy, it should be clear that there is interdependence between economic, political, and military factors. "Political forms" cannot alone produce internal stability, and, moreover, they cannot be separated from other considerations.

That is, holding back economic aid to these newly independent states will not produce stability, internal or external, and it will thus not allow for viable "political forms," no matter how much choice is involved.

Independent states, nationally self-determined governments, economic and political reform - these become mere words if we do not understand and respect the existing realities of interdependence between these states. It is not the other way around or a matter of separating one factor from another. Craig A. Ilgenfritz, Wilmington, Ohio

Asst. Prof. of Political Science, Wilmington College

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