Curriculum at Tokyo University's Undergraduate American Studies Program: American History, American Literature, American Thought, American Politics and Economy, American Geography. Special Topics: Contemporary American, History, American Foreign Relations, American Law, American Religion, American Society, American Mass Culture, American Art, American States Relations.

Curriculum at Doshisha University's Graduate Program: Issues and Method in American Studies, American Civilization, General Seminar in American Studies, American Law and Politics, American Economy, Religion in American Society, American Thought, American Literature and Culture, Social and Economic Systems, American Diplomacy, American Mass Culture, Sample of Thesis Topics

Sample of Thesis Topics Chosen by Japanese Students in American Studies Programs: Walt Disney: embodiment of American dreams, Reaganomics, Racial problems in the US, Japanese auto industry in the US, The special relations between America and Israel, The defeat of the Equal Rights Admendment, The internal structure of US cities, Japan-US frictions: perception and reality, George Gershwin, Black churches and gospel in the 1920s, Discrimination against minorities by Japanese corporations in America.

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