Positions of Main Players on S. Africa's Transfer of Power

National Party Government (NPG)

* Party wants Convention for a Democratic South Africa (CODESA) to negotiate transition. Favors interim constitution, elected transition national unity government. Leaders determine its life span. Elected body refines constitution.

* Package put to multiracial referendum but must win white approval. If whites approve, enabling legislation is put through current minority Parliament. If whites reject, begin again.

* Democratic elections are held for Parliament under interim constitution. Transitional government finalizes constitution. African National Congress (ANC)

* CODESA negotiates administrative interim government controlling five key areas: elections, security forces, broadcasting, budget allocation, and finance. Duration: Two year maximum.

* Package must be approved by existing Parliament. Nonracial referendum could be held at this point.

* Administrative interim government oversees democratic elections for Constituent Assembly, which draws up constitution.

* Democratic elections for new parliament. Conservative Party (CP)

* Election must be held to determine strength of parties. (NPG has ruled out another election under the present Constitution.)

* CODESA must accept principle of self-determination before CP will join CODESA. Party rejects CODESA commitment to "undivided South Africa."

* CODESA would then negotiate boundaries in which self-determination would be exercised - including a white homeland. Democratic Party (DP)

* CODESA negotiates administrative interim government that governs with existing Parliament.

* Interim government runs parallel with elected constitutional conference, which has triple veto either by ANC, NPG, or 30 percent of the conference. Constitutional conference draws up new constitution followed by democratic election. Pan-Africanist Congress/Anzanian People's Organization (PAC/AZAPO)

* Rejects CODESA as a fraud. Wants multiparty conference with mandate to prepare for elected Constituent Assembly.

* Elected constituent assembly draws up new constitution. Referendum could be held. Elections under new constitution. Inkatha Freedom Party

* Rejects CODESA commitment to "undivided South Africa." Reserves secession option if Inkatha is sidelined by ANC, NPG.

* CODESA or similar multiparty conference to draw up new constitution. Present government can oversee transitional period.

* Referendum to legitimize constitution followed by elections under new constitution.

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