Further Evaluation of Gulf War Achievements

The editorial "A Year Later," Jan. 17, presents a neat but hardly accurate picture of some of the achievements of the Gulf war.

Regionally: We are frequently informed by the media that Saddam Hussein's ability to achieve nuclear weapons is an ongoing project, not yet fully revealed and by no means curtailed.

New world order: No mention is made here of the many thousand civilian casualties sustained as a result of the Kuwait liberation, or of the political forces that continue to destroy the city. Nor is there much evidence of the "shackling" of Saddam.

Domestic impact: How clever of the president to "put on a major war and have other nations largely pay for it." As a member of the British forces, 1939 through 1945, and an unhappy participant in the long period of privation that followed, one can only regret that this magnanimous system was not then in force. Joy M. Edwards, Los Angeles Uses of technology

The article "Virtual Reality's Promise - and Threat," Jan. 2, is rather one-sided. The author mentions the negative possibilities at the outset but does not go on to explain what they might be.

Judging from the description of the ways in which an individual's perception of the world could be manipulated, it would seem that a device such as this would indeed be a threat if it fell into the hands of unscrupulous people. Cindy Urban, Provo, Utah To save or not to save

The article "Don't Bash Japan: To Compete, Invest," Jan. 16, tells us that if things are to get better, saving is a must. Then, the article "US Personal Savings Haven't Gone to Ruin," Jan. 17, tries to make us feel good about current levels of saving. To save or not to save, what's a person to do? Maybe it's time folks do a little honest-to-goodness thinking for themselves about their own economic health. Dwane Yoder, Carlisle, Pa.

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