* CBS-TV's contract with the National Football League for the rights to broadcast the 1990-1993 season games, playoffs, and 1992 Super Bowl cost the network $1.06 billion.

* The Super Bowl is consistently the most-watched event on American television. Last year, nearly 42 percent of all US households watched the game on ABC, according to Nielsen Media Research.

* Cost of a 30-second commercial during this year's

Super Bowl: $850,000, up $50,000 from last year. (By comparison, a 30-second Monday-night football commercial slot sells for $255,000.)

* Anticipated revenue from Super Bowl ads: $40 million.

* Anticipated US audience:

80 million.

* Tickets average $150 each for about 64,000 seats (total: $9.6 million), though scalpers are now charging $500-$700 per ticket.

* Members of the winning team will get $36,000; losers receive $18,000.

* Minnesota hopes the event will generate $100 million in revenues for the state.

* Concession-food sales (estimated) at the Metrodome: 40,000 hot dogs, 350 gallons of frozen yogurt and ice cream, 9,500 bags of peanuts, 10,000 boxes of popcorn, 11,000 soft pretzels, 5,000 slices of pepperoni-and-cheese pizza.

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