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RUSH - An undercover narcotics cop becomes too interested in the drugs he's supposed to be warring against, and his new partner must cope with him as well as the built-in challenges of her dangerous job. The story is often as sordid as it sounds. But the performances by star Jennifer Jason Leigh and supporting actor Max Perlich are excellent, and the film has been directed with considerable imagination by newcomer Lili Fini Zanuck. (Rated R) 35 UP - Almost three decades ago, British filmmaker Michael Apted made a documentary about English seven-year-olds, and every seven years since then he has revisited the same people and shot a new film updating their lives. They are now 35 years old, and the latest installment in Mr. Apted's chronicle is funny, insightful, and deeply moving. Nonfiction cinema rarely gets more compelling than this. (Not rated) TRIBULATION 99: ALIEN ANOMALIES UNDER AMERICA - If you thought "JFK" was a mind-boggling concoction of theories and reconstructions, check out this avant-garde collage film, which uses clips from 1950s science-fiction movies, coming-attractions trailers, and other found material to "prove" almost as many conspiracies and crazy ideas as Umberto Eco packed into his novel "Foucault's Pendulum." Craig Baldwin wrote and directed the totally fictional, wildly inventive 50-minute epic, which unspools with relentl ess energy. (Not rated)

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