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A federal grand jury in Phoenix Wednesday indicted Charles H. Keating Jr. on charges of skimming nearly $1 million from Lincoln Savings and Loan's parent company, American Continental Corporation.... Consumer prices rose 0.3 percent in December and 3.1 percent for 1991, the smallest yearly increase in inflation since 1986. The moderation came largely from oil-based products.... A mayor's report on a stampede at a basketball game and rap star benefit in New York that left nine dead in December blasted ne arly everyone involved, but was especially critical of police and school officials.... Defense Secretary Richard Cheney said yesterday that Iraqi President Saddam Hussein may be out of power soon. EUROPE

The 22 countries involved in the Conventional Forces in Europe talks reconvened their discussions yesterday in Vienna. And NATO agreed to invite all republics of the old Soviet Union to join a new East-West "cooperation council" that seeks conflict-prevention in Europe. The new body will now include 36 nations - 16 NATO members, 5 former Warsaw Pact countries in Central Europe, the 3 Baltic states, and 12 republics of the former Soviet Union.... Russia's economic reforms could collapse unless the central

bank stops fueling inflation by printing rubles, US economist Jeffrey Sachs, who advises President Boris Yeltsin, said Wednesday. ASIA AND THE PACIFIC

UN High Commissioner for Refugees Sadako Ogata arrived in Phnom Penh yesterday to assess plans to repatriate of 350,000 Cambodian refugees after a settlement ending the country's 13-year civil war.

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