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FATHER OF THE BRIDE - He loves his daughter, and he guesses he can pay the bills, but can he survive the strain of putting the wedding together? Steve Martin and Kimberly Williams do their best with a silly screenplay, and there are a few genuine laughs along the way. But there was no good reason for director Charles Shyer to remake the Vincente Minnelli original, which came out in 1950 and still deserves its reputation as a Spencer Tracy classic. (Rated PG)HIGH HEELS - Spain's most rambunctious filmmaker, Pedro Almodovar, ponders a mother-daughter relationship in this unexpectedly serious comedy, which includes some moments of high emotion as well as a typically outrageous sex scene. The story is stylishly filmed and acted with high spirits, but there's not much going on in many of its colorful shots. (Rated R) RHAPSODY IN AUGUST - In a rural area near Nagasaki, a visit from an American many years after World War II raises memories and myths of nuclear devastation in the hearts and minds of a Japanese family. Written and directed by Japan's greatest living filmmaker, Akira Kurosawa, who shows great emotional involvement in the drama. While some of the film's images are very powerful, however, the narrative is weak and the performances, including that of Richard Gere as the American, seem out of synch with the stor y and each other. (Rated PG)

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