Life: Faces, commentary by John Loengard (Macmillan; 192 pp., 100 photos, $29.95). You have to really like celebrities and faces - but Life's series never miss.A Day in the Life of Ireland (HarperCollins, 224 pp., 175 photos, $40). 5,000 rolls of film shot by 75 photographers in a single day - another successful venture in the "Day in the Life" series. Pictures of Peace, conceived and edited by Kim Zorn Caputo (Alfred A. Knopf, 176 pp., 89 photos, $60). A collection of curious but strong images from a variety of well-known photographers. Proceeds from the book will go to Human Rights Watch. Photo Manifesto: Contemporary Photography in the USSR, by Joseph Walker, Christopher Ursitti, and Paul McGinniss (Stewart, Tabori & Chang, 231 pp., 300 photos, $55). An often intense - and intensely political - survey of art photos and documentary photos with an artistic bent. Australia Wide: A Panoramic View, by Ken Duncan (Harper Collins, 191 pp., 140 color photos, $40). Duncan offers a unique view of Australia's scenery through a finely crafted use of the wide-angle format. The Circle of Life: Rituals From the Human Family Album, edited by David Cohen, introduction by Gabriel Garcia Marquez (Harper Collins, 240 pp., 200 photos, $39.95). The fascinating tales told by these images of life could - and should - advance understanding between peoples. Only in America: Some Unexpected Scenery, photos by David Graham, (Alfred A. Knopf, 97 pp., $35): The title says it, and Graham proves it with 81 quirky color photos.

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