Global political roles for the US

The article "Bush's Pastor Looks Back at Gulf," Nov. 27, regarding the views of Bishop Edmond Browning with respect to the Gulf war, the Middle East, and the role of the United States in global politics, is excellent.It is high time we had a national debate on what the US's role in global politics should be, and the principles that should guide it. Over the years, Hans Morgenthau, Walter Lippmann, and others have written on this subject. Mr. Morgenthau stressed the need to make the US a model for other countries. Mr. Lippmann said "the intoxication of power" is the greatest danger of our time. Others question whether the US should be the policeman of the world. It seems to me that law, justice, security, and a decent respect for the opinions of mankind are interwoven, each depending upon the others. Moderation is a value that must be shared; for there is no security for individual or nation without restraint. Dorothy DeGray, Tyler, Texas

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