Importance of the Right to Vote

Regarding the article "Boston Students Query Politicians," Oct. 28: Informing students of their responsibility to vote, I feel, is an excellent idea.As the article stated, the reason young people don't vote is not because they don't care about current events. In fact, there are many youth involved in "single-issue campaigns that more directly affect them such as the environment, abortion, consumer rights, and recycling." A little more time spent on "voter education and government" classes before students are old enough to vote could encourage youth to go a step beyond the issues that directly involve them. They could learn to take an active interest in other current issues as well. We live in a country where we have the freedom to choose our government, yet we take this precious privilege for granted. Other countries are struggling right now because they are unhappy with the way things are in their lands, but they don't have the freedom to change it or have a say in it. This article can be directed to all people of voting age. It is time to take pride in our country and the rights we have been given. Danielle Naef, Rexburg, Idaho

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