Brady: Help for US Economy in January

TREASURY Secretary Nicholas Brady was unable to offer Republican governors any sign of a quick economic recovery on Dec. 9, when he addressed them at their annual conference here. But he pledged that a new legislative package from President Bush will help."There'll be a strong growth package in January," Secretary Brady said, that should stimulate growth and create jobs. The Treasury chief acknowledged the economy and job growth were slower than Bush wants, but denied the recovery might be faltering as Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan said the week of Dec. 2. "I think it's in a transitional phase," he told Reuters. Neither the governors nor Brady lost the opportunity to blame the Democrat-controlled Congress for the nation's economic ills. "The fact of the matter is that he [Bush] has had a program aimed at creating jobs and increasing economic activity in this country starting with his very first budget in January and February of 1989," Brady said. Brady declined to give any details on Bush's package, but he said there would be a total review of the budget process.

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