Ranking Christmas Values

JO ROBINSON and Jean Staeheli suggest ranking the following statements according to their importance in your own celebrations. Cross out any that don't apply, and add anything important to you that has been left off.Which parts of the Christmas celebration are most important to you? Which are most deserving of your best efforts? "Once you decide that," say the authors, "you will be able to plan a celebration that is in harmony with your deepest beliefs and most expressive of who you are as an individual." Christmas is a time: * to be a peacemaker, within my family and the world at large. * to enjoy being with my immediate family. * to create a beautiful home environment. * to celebrate the birth of Jesus. * to exchange gifts with my family and friends. * for parties, entertaining, and visits with friends. * to help those less fortunate. * to strengthen bonds with my relatives. * to strengthen my church community. * to be relaxed and renewed.

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