Sandinistas Still Have Support in Nicaragua

The author of the opinion-page column "Curb the Sandinistas," Nov. 14, laments that the Sandinistas are being obstreperous these days in Nicaragua. He's quite right, but misses the reason why when he states that "the Nicaraguans so emphatically dismissed them [the Sandinistas]" in last year's election.On the contrary, the Sandinistas received a much larger plurality than any other ideological group. The winning UNO coalition [which supported current Nicaraguan President Violeta Barrios de Chamorro] involved more than a dozen disparate groups. Like it or not, the Sandinistas still enjoy great popularity. In addition, the "international" (but mainly United States) commission cited in the article is historically shortsighted when it refers to the "decade of Sandinista confiscations and nationalizations." How about the previous 50 years? During the Somozas' half-century of dictatorship, they and their henchmen acquired a huge proportion of the national wealth. Would justice be served by returning such property to these crooks? John C. Irvin, Jay, N.Y.

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